Ricky Martin talks crying children on The Voice Kids.

Can we all just talk about how gorgeous Ricky Martin is for a second?

Just a second.

Not only is he nice to look at, but he’s a single dad to two beautiful boys, 5-year-old twins Valentino and Matteo, and he runs his own charity which works closely with UNICEF.

And he’s one of the most genuine reality television personalities on the air (when he says that a contestant he coaches on The Voice is going on a “journey” it’s not even bullshit – his contestants from The Voice toured the country with him last year).

You could tell us that Ricky Martin rode unicorns in his spare time and we would just nod. Because that’s such a Ricky thing to do. He probably takes his contestants riding unicorns. He probably takes their mums.

He’s. Just. So. Gorgeous.

So, when Ricky Martin decided to weigh in on the recent The Voice Kids controversy surrounding the broadcast of 12-year-old Romy welling up after none of the judges’ chairs turned around for her, we were interested to see how he – as the world’s most gorgeous man, and a father – would feel.

In an interview with Fairfax Media, Ricky says that when he watched the footage he was “heartbroken”:

“I saw the episode and I was heartbroken, but you know, I was rejected not once, not twice but three times when I started auditioning for the music group that I then became a member of,” he says.

“And when I was rejected the first time – it only gave me more strength and I was only more motivated to keep trying and keep trying. If you believe this is your mission in life and if you believe this is what really moves you, you try again – rejection is difficult but as adults, we get rejected too and it is part of life.”

Part of… The Cup of Life?

In all seriousness, Ricky is amazing. Please mentor us. We will go on your journey.

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