Meet the woman who paid $90,000 for a kiss with Ricky Martin.

You know how the day dream goes: you’re at your desk. It’s 2:26pm and you’re feeling peckish. It’s too close to lunch to make yet another trip to your office snack draw, yet the niggling pain from your lackluster capsicum-filled salad just won’t subside.

And so your mind wanders. Imagine if I won the lottery, you think, I could… buy a house! Spend a year abroad! Retire early! Build an actual, edible gingerbread house and then eat it! Then your mind snaps back and you realise the likelihood of you winning lottery and retiring early would be much higher if you could actually afford to buy a lotto ticket this week. Yeah, that would help.

Perhaps in the midst of your day dream you imagined shacking up with your celebrity crush. Luring them with wealth and securing their love with your fantastic personality.

This wasn’t just a day dream for Brazillian woman Ana Paola Diniz, who this week secured a kiss with her celebrity crush Ricky Martin, all for the small price of $90,000 AUD.

Image via Facebook/TVyNovelasUS.

Yep, you read that correctly. Ninety-thousand dollars. For a kiss. With a man who is openly gay.

The kiss, which lasted for a measly three seconds and took place in front of hundreds of on-lookers, was acquired by Diniz at a charity event in Sao Paulo, Brazil to raise funds for the Foundation for AIDs research.

Would you pay $90,000 for a smooch? Image via Getty.

Diniz, a dog breeder and pet resort owner, bid on the article which auctioned a kiss from the 44-year-old Livn' La Vida Loca singer, and placed the winning bid.

Around the office, we found it hard to fathom that this was the price placed on a kiss from a celeb (albeit for a good cause). Because $90,000 is a lot of money. A LOT. Here are fifteen, perhaps more, erm, lingering things you could do with $90k:

1. Move overseas for a year. Don't work, just live extravagantly (read: eat all of the delicious food and rent an exquisite apartment on the Italian coast).

2. Uber to work every day for the rest of your life.

3. Walk into Gorman and buy everything in sight without having a mini personal crisis.

4. Move to L.A. Go to the bar/nightclub/juice house your celeb crush visits every day and subtly force them to fall in love with you.

5. Put a deposit on a one-bedroom apartment in Sydney. *cries*

6. Fly first-class for the next five years.

7. Order extra gaucamole on every single meal for the rest of your life.

8. Buy a brand-spanking new car and invest the rest. Why not make money off your money?

9. Roam the Scottish highlands in search of your very own Jamie Fraser. (Bear with me, I've just come off a two-day Outlander binge).

10. Pay off Carrie Bradshaw's $40k shoe debt.

11. Spend a year studying something you really love at an Ivy League university in America.

12. Help a sister out by paying off Amber Heard's $1000 fine for smuggling her dogs into Australia.

13. Do the sensible thing and pay off your HECs debt.

14. Buy 45,000 $2 scratchies. You're bound to win SOMETHING.

15. Always, always say sparkling when the waiter asks 'still or sparkling'. Because you are a goddamn Queen.

What would you do with a spare $90k? 

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