Ricki Lee addresses her body critics: "A lot of people still hate on me for changing."

Ricki Lee at the Logies in 2009. Image via Getty.

Over the past few years, Ricki-Lee Coulter has embarked on a well-documented journey to get healthier – not through fad diets or worrying weight loss trends – the old fashioned way: hard work, healthy eating and plenty of exercise.

Yet the 29 year old has found herself having to defend and demystify her lifestyle (again). In a lengthy Instagram post, the singer addressed those who constantly discuss and diss her body.

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“There were, and still are a lot of people that don’t understand why – and hate on me for changing, but I don’t care because I made those decisions for me and me only… and it’s only made my life better,” she says.

“I try to read as many of your comments as I can and I’ve noticed some people saying, ‘You’re so lucky you can eat whatever you want and stay slim.’ But I just want you to know that it’s not the case at all.” (Post continues after gallery.)

Coulter went on to explain she has lapses where she relaxes her training and indulges, but works hard to stick to a routine.

“I’m not one of those girls who is naturally thin and can eat whatever I want. I am consistent with the food I eat day in day out and I work my ass off in the gym… literally,” she posted.

“I eat the same clean foods every day, I train hard six days a week and don’t drink alcohol regularly. I plan my ‘cheat meals’ and work hard to earn them and I savour every mouthful! And then I’m sweating it off the next day in the gym.”

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Since first appearing on the second season of Australian Idol (she came seventh) Coulter spent time in the all-girl pop group Young Divas before pursuing a solo career in 2007, but it has continually been her “curves”, not her career, that regularly make headlines.

For years, Coulter was simultaneously praised for “bucking the skinny trend” and subjected to suggestions that she’d be better if she lost weight, according to a 2009 interview with WHO.

Ricki Lee at the Logies in 2009. Image via Getty.

"Those comments have never fazed me because I just don't believe it's true," she said at the time. "I think curves are sexy and that shape is a beautiful thing."

But the Raining Diamonds singer says it took some big lifestyle changes to get to her current point.

"I used to be the girl who ate whatever she wants... all the time... and I wouldn't say I was healthy at all. I never exercised and my diet was made up mostly of junk food and take away and I was drinking a lot of alcohol," she wrote on Instagram.

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"But six years ago, I decided to make a change... I wanted to get healthy and be fitter than I'd ever been and I am so proud of myself for sticking to it and getting there despite all the naysayers."

And even looking as great as she does, Coulter still faces regular criticism from those who think she's gone too far by "ditching" her curves. (Post continues after gallery.)


A sad example was an image Coulter posted in March last year.

Sharing a fresh faced selfie, the photo was captioned "Love getting home and wiping off my makeup!!! Ready for some serious couch time!"

Image via Instagram (@rickilee)

Immediately, the singer was slammed by many followers for what they said was an image that promoted unhealthy habits and could be "triggering" for those suffering from eating disorders.

A few days later, Coulter addressed her body-shamers with a poignant response.

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"I started out in this business 10 years ago, when I was 18 years old. In that time I've endured constant taunts and criticism about the way I look," she wrote under a picture on Instagram.

"I've been called every name under the sun and have always managed to maintain an unbreakable self confidence. It's that self confidence that I've always tried to encourage women to have. The kind of confidence where it doesn't matter what anybody says - you are happy with yourself."

Ricki regularly addresses her critics.

"It's never mattered to me what size I am - I've always been full of confidence & always felt comfortable in my skin & felt sexy no matter what size. I hope this puts an end to the ridiculous comments about the way I look," she says.

While the nasty comments continued, Coulter's self confidence has not wavered.

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"Self belief is an amazing thing - it can so often be overshadowed by self doubt but once you feel the difference between the two there's no turning back and it's amazing how your self confidence sky rockets," she finishes off her most recent post.

"We can be our own worst enemy sometimes, the key is to be kind to yourself and honest with yourself. Don't beat yourself up if you have a bad day, just get back on the horse and keep going! If you believe in yourself you really are unstoppable."

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Hear, hear Ricki-Lee.