The unconventional 'honesty sessions' that led to the Richmond Tigers' win.

Raw off-field honesty sessions led to Richmond’s ultimate on-field AFL success, premiership star Bachar Houli says.

Houli has revealed every Richmond player poured their hearts out to teammates during the season.

The backman, who was among Richmond’s best players in their grand final triumph against Adelaide on Saturday, credited the sessions for leading to the premiership.

Houli said each player was asked to talk about three personal topics.

“Your hardship, your heroes of your life, and your highlight of your life as well,” he told Channel Seven’s Game Day program on Sunday.

“It was very, very emotional for a lot of the players.

“It was hard for every player to get up and speak about those three key things … it’s very, very courageous to stand up in front of the playing group.”

Houli said the honesty sessions created a stronger bond between players.

“We had a really solid preseason on the field, but off the field as well,” he said.

“We gained some amazing relationships, some great connections.

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“And that is what we thought was the pinnacle of our season, the way we built our relationships and trust.

“When you are sharing unique stories and stories that mean a lot to you as an individual, when you share them with the group … it takes heart.

“And I think we have been a fantastic family club this year and very, very supportive of each other.

“When you gain that trust, you will do anything for each other on and off the field.”