The Bachelor Australia finale has been caught on camera, thanks to a clever Tinder trick.

A simple match on dating app Tinder between a television producer and a woman from Sydney has caused drama on the set of the latest season of The Bachelor Australia featuring The Bachelorette’s runner-up Richie Strahan.

The Sydney-based producer, who works for Warner brothers, was reportedly chatting to the woman on Tinder and mentioned that he was“flying overseas to film the finale of a reality show.”

Little did he know that his potential lover was actually chatting to him from the home of a paparazzo.

The photographer gave the woman the exact questions to ask in order to get as much information as possible about the finale’s secret location.

Richie and Sasha were the final contenders for Sam's heart on The Bachelor last year.

Thinking that the woman was just making conversation, the TV producer logged into the app and chatted to her again while on set in Asia.

Tinder has a function which calculates the distance between you and the person you are talking too, which gave away his exact location.

The paparazzo flew to the location on the next possible flight and his surprise appearance forced Channel Ten and Warner Brothers to delay filming of the finale.

Photos taken on the set have been published by The Daily Telegraph and show Richie shirtless on the set. Almost half the dates are estimated to have been papped.

As a decoy, they sent half their crew to Thailand to try and confuse the paparazzi looking for the all-important grand reveal of the winning contestant.

The finale was supposed to be filmed last Sunday.

Take a moment to reminisce about Richie's time on 'The Bachelorette Australia' by watching the trailer for the finale: 

Image via 'The Bachelor Australia' on Facebook.