Bachelor Richie's sister has jumped to his defence for choosing Alex over Nikki.

While the entire country berates Bachelor Richie Strahan online, sister Alana Walsh is backing him up in a way only a sibling can.

…. With an Instagram post, obvs.

Cutting through the trolls who have labeled the 31-year-old as ‘Australia’s biggest idiot’ for picking single mum Alex, 25, over business development manager Nikki, 29, Alana has emphatically defended her brother’s decision.

“You followed your heart and found happiness with your love,” the school teacher captioned a photo of the siblings together.

“You were true to yourself and remain the most honorable man. I am infinitely proud of you.”

The post not only comes after Richie’s mum pledged her allegiance to rival Nikki on national TV, but Bachelor fans flooded his latest Instagram post with 11,000 comments overnight – most incensed by the shock result.

“You’re going to regret this mate,” reads one, another: “I wasted $70 on you because you were dishonest to Nikki, I want my money back.”

“Definitely NOT cool bananas, Rich.”

Maybe people need a reminder that this is RICHIE’S life and RICHIE’S relationship. So let’s play it cool guys, and quit leaving nasty comments, yeah?