Why Richie is so very excited for this Bachelor season to end.

Throughout all this Bachelor dramahhhh – from the awkward hometown dates to the peculiar absence of brunettes from this season – we have forgotten one thing.

Richie and his unknown girlfriend are currently hiding from most of Australia. Maybe they’re in a basement somewhere, or Richie has recreated the last date and driven into the middle of the bush so only Osher can find them.

But, the point is, poor Richie is actually really over this secrecy.

In an interview with BW Magazine, he has opened up about his life post-Bachelor.

“I’ll be able to go and get a coffee at my local cafe with my girl,” Richie said.

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“The whole point of my going on this show was to meet someone I can potentially spend the rest of my life with. My main focus is now my relationship and trying to work at that.”

As he pointed out, it has been for over two months that he has been keeping the relationship secret. That means no public outings, accidental bump-ins or even a slipped curtain (which let to photos being published of the winner of last year’s Bachelorette).

“There’ve been secret hideaways, secret cars and secret rendezvous so it has been another unique and exciting component that I’ve experienced. To have it finally come but in less that a week’s time is great so I can start moving on with my life and start enjoying getting back to reality and the normality of it.”

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In something that made us very happy, Richie also announced he would 100 per cent back a same-sex season of the Bachelor.

“People are loving it. I think we should do a same-sex series.”

Controversy around the secrecy of the winner has clouded the entire series, with extra security being deployed for the finale in Bali.

Fans are split over who Richie will end up picking, with divisions throughout the Mamamia office.

While Olena made us sing with her no-filtered attitude towards camping, most people think it will come down to the woman from Perth, Nikki or single-mum Alex.

On our latest episode of Bach Chat, the team were split after our entertainment editor, Laura Brodnik, saw a genuine connection between Alex and Richie.

Listen to their chat, and also our interview with everyone’s favourite Keira, here: 

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