YES. Richie Strahan is "considering" being Australia's next Bachelor.

He’s not ruling it out. That’s a start.

Your imaginary boyfriend, aka Richie Strahan, has appeared on The Project to talk all things Bachelorette.

And during the course of his interview with co-hosts Carrie Bickmore and Peter Helliar, the reality show’s firm crowd favourite answered our most burning bachie question:

Will he be The Bachelor in 2016?

“I understand there’s been some Bachelor rumours swirling. Would you consider it?” Bickmore asked.

“Look, it’s something that’s been talked about a lot today. Everyone keeps asking me about it,” The 30-year-old ropes access technician responded.

“It would be a really big decision or me to to make. Look, I’m certainly kind of considering it but in saying that, it would be a pretty tough decision.”

The former Cleo Bachelor Of The Year Nominee also sparked speculation he might be up for the gig with his latest Instagram post.

“I am looking forward to new opportunities,” he wrote as part of a lengthy caption wishing Sam Frost all the best in her new life with chosen contestant, 31-year-old Sasha Mielcazrek.


Richie’s Instagram followers immediately jumped on that allusive  reference , with @katieboo25 asking: “new opportunities… such as the bachelor?!”

@KristyBorb weighed in: “Go Richie! Bach 4 2014”.

“Definitely be the next Bachelor,” #hollieormsby weighed in.

Even The Bachelorette herself, 26-year-old Sam Frost, is in on the campaign to get Richie the role — telling OK Magazine she will “pull every string” she can to make it happen.

She tweeted on Thursday: “Pleeeeease Channel 10! #TeamRichie #RichieforBachie”.

While Strahan has yet to confirm whether he will indeed be Australia’s next Bachelor, he did at least answer another of our burning questions this week: What the heck is a rope access technician, anyway?

“It’s an industry where we access areas that are hard to reach. Predominantly oil and gas,” he told Mamamia in an interview on Thursday. “I do NDT, non-destructive testing, on like pipelines and wells and rigging etc, while hanging from a rope in the middle of an ocean, 75m above sea level. Cool stuff.”

Post continues after video:

Thanks for clearing that up, Richie.

Now if you could just clarify whether you’ll be back on our TV screens next year, we can stop scrutinising your every Instagram post and get back to our regular lives.

That’d be cool bananas.

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