Richie's uncomfortable response to "have you ever cheated on a woman?"

What’s the worst possible thing you could be asked by the friends and family of your potential new partner?


If your name is Richie Strahan and you’re the star of The Bachelor, it’s probably something to do with your relationship history.

Do you think Richie needs to tell the other families about THIS? Post continues after video.

Video via Channel 10

In a teaser clip for tomorrow tonight’s episode, where Richie begins his home town dates with his final few girls, one contestant’s family asks Richie the question he’s clearly been dreading for quite some time.

“I know what guys can be like when they work away…so have you ever cheated on a woman ever?” he asks.

Richie’s response? We’re not sure yet, but it sure involves a lot of “umms” and face that looks EXACTLY like a deer stuck in the headlights of a semi-trailer.

The face of a man who is fearing for his life. Image via Channel 10.

Hometown visits are possibly our favourite part of the whole Bachelor experience, and is often where the Internet falls in love with one or more of the family members on offer.

Do you guys NOT remember Heather's father-figure Warwick from last year?

Here's your friendly reminder:

Of course, we're looking forward to meeting the parents of our fave Bachie girls. But Warwick is still number one in our eyes.

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