We've reached peak Mean Girls on The Bachelor. Already.

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Have we reached peak ridiculous before The Bachelor has even aired?

Clearly the answer is yes, because Magazine World is reporting exclusives on how Richie smells. Yes, how he SMELLS.

According to reports in New Idea,  Bachelor Richie (we need a name for him…. BaRichie? Richarella?) has bad B.O.

“Insiders” told the mag that the 31-year-old’s nervous sweats and lack of confidence made for a ‘mood killer’ with romantic moments feeling, and smelling like the pits.

As Rosie says on The Binge podcast this week, we “hate” this story. Listen to her and Laura Brodnik lament: (post continues after audio)

This “inside source” also said the women were unimpressed they were going to end up with a rope access technician for a husband.

“Many of them confessed they wouldn’t have applied for the show if they’d known Richie would be their prize, and a fair few expressed their desire to leave more than once,” the source told the magazine.


Is this what Bachelor reporting has come to?

We're not buying it that even that rose couldn't mask the smell. (Via Channel Ten).


We call bullshit on this story for a few reasons:

  1. Surely there would be a producer on hand to deal with deodorant duties and hair slicking duties and general grooming?
  2. Surely the amount of candles and roses on set would mask any smells?
  3. "Killing the mood"? Ummm... you are already surrounded by 25 cast and crew tasked with filming and producing your "mood". Isn't it more of a mood killer that when you pash him you know there are eight camera's trained on your waxed upper lip?
  4. Besides, what's the big deal? There are studies that say if you are attracted to someone's BO then they are the right one for you.
  5. Seriously. There are legit dating speed nights where you sniff a t-shirt to select your match.
  6. It's called pheromones, ladies. If it turns you off, you're not the one.
  7. Maybe the producers should bring a t-shirt sniffing element in instead of a rose ceremony? It's definitely as romantic.
  8. Ok, we're getting off track now.

It's hard to believe anyone on that show would have BO, let alone body hair, or poppy seeds between their teeth, or bad breath, or anything.

Sorry, we're not buying it. No stink lines on you, Richie. We think it sounds like sour grapes from an 'insider' who got booted early.

Richie, you smell like daisies and romance to us.

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