Photos emerge of The Bachelor's Richie and Alex engagement ring shopping.

The Bachelor winners may be telling the press they’re taking things slow but it seems love has other plans.

OK! Magazine snapped Richie Strahan and Alex Nation shopping for what appears to be an engagement ring.

Huddled together the couple seem to be truly loved-up as they discuss a couple of options with the sales assistant.

Alex tries on one of the rings but appears to place it on the ring finger of her right hand.

Loved up and loving it. (Source: Instagram).

A witness told the magazine the young mum and the sales assistant repeatedly looked to Richie for his opinion.

"They looked very happy together and Alex, as well as the shop assistant, were always looking to Richie for a decision," she said.

The images taken on October 27 point to wedding bells but Richie remains yet to meet the 24-year-old's son, Elijah.

Alex told TV Week only two weeks ago the pair had only been introduced over a video chat.

“We are still trying to figure out a good time for Richie and the little guy to meet,” Alex said.

“But they have done FaceTime, which was super cute. I swear to God my ovaries exploded, it was cute!”


The former Bachelor told OK! there was no rush to take the next step only two months ago.

"Engagement is a pretty big deal," he said.

"I don’t just dive into something like that willy-nilly."

The 31-year-old explained he still felt like the relationship needed more work and time before they considered marriage.

"It’s really important to work on my relationship with Alex. You have to have a solid foundation before you start getting down on one knee," he said.

We'll give you maybe one, two more seasons of The Bachelor before we start the awkward mum impersonation: "SO GUYS, when will we see the big day?"

Fellow The Bachelor couple Sam and Snez got engaged late last year but have yet to announce a wedding date.

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