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Is this the most narcissistic account on Instagram?

We think we may have just found the richest, most egotistical people on Instagram.

Readers, meet ‘The Rich Kids Of Dubai’.

You see we’ve just found out about their Instagram account – a place that boasts the ridiculously OTT lifestyles of the wealthiest youth of the United Arab Emirates.

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Money is no object for these Rich Kids Of Dubai.

When they’re not posing next to helicopters or posting snaps of luxury items, they’re using Dubai’s cityscape as a backdrop for look-away shots.



Inspired, no doubt, by the Rich Kids of Instagram account, the feed features “Dubai’s most fabulous people”.

This includes (mostly) women like Supercar Blondie aka Alex Hirschi; a young woman who exclusively posts photos of herself next to luxury cars, and celebrity personal trainer and Kardashian look-alike Maria Savic.

???? @supercarblondie . . . #richkidsofdubai #richkids #mydubai #luxury #thegoodlife #thefablife #thedream #luxurycar #bentley

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Also featured on the account are socialites, models, bloggers and – unsurprisingly – social media influencers.

Because duh, didn’t you drive around in a Bentley and travel in luxury helicopters as a teenager too?

Same. (And by “same”, we mean a Toyota Yaris* and a bus ticket*.)

Listen: She’s the wife of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.