This rich kid has a $1.8 million wardrobe, but doesn't think she's spoiled.

Julia Stakhiva is a so-called Rich Kid of Instagram. Born in the Ukraine to a mega-wealthy family, Stakhiva, 23, currently lives in London and has only ever known a life of extreme indulgence.

While she is about to complete a university degree in fashion design, she’s never had to work a day in her life, her lavish lifestyle funded by her parents various businesses, the most successful of which is a food production company.

Does that mean she’s spoiled, if we agree that the definition of “spoiled” is, “to harm the character of (a child) by being too lenient or indulgent”? I’d say so (yes, I’m looking at you Julia’s parents) but she’s a 23-year-old grown up capable of making her own choices.

Her current life is her decision, and what a life it is.

Julia Stakhiva spends around $370,000 on clothes each year and the total value of her wardrobe has been estimated at $1.8 million.

She spends $55,000 each year on cosmetic procedures that include lip injections, facial fillers, cheek reduction surgery, semi-permanent makeup, teeth whitening, lash extensions and scalp injections to make her hair shiny. A $37,000 boob has also been planned.

Image: Julia Stakhiva Instagram.

To really get to know her though, you need to go beyond her Instagram feed and run through the "greatest hits" of her comments courtesy of the UK's Daily Mail.

"Anyone can be rich but not everyone can be beautiful."

"I believe everyone should start cosmetic surgery at a young age. It's better to save up your money for beauty treatments instead of spending it on food."

"Some people are not brave enough to have surgery. They think it's better to sit at home, eat pizza and judge me. But I just think well, you eat pizza and I look pretty."

"When I'm out, I order Dom Perignon or Cristal. I hired an assistant to keep an eye on me at all times and ensure I don't get too drunk when I'm out."

"I love all my haters. I would rather die than have people not talk about me. People criticizing me shows that I'm an extraordinary person."

"There are no good beauticians or hairdressers in London. So it's much easier to take a plane to Moscow every few months to get all my treatments. I have to book out the whole salon in Moscow for the day so it can be free for me anytime I arrive."

I WISH she was taking the piss.

Stakhiva is starring in a new TV series called The Majors set to air later this year. Article continues after this video.

Video by The Majors

Julia Stakhiva is everything I am trying to raise my daughter not to be. If I had to write a list of all of the things I didn't want Caterina, 6, to eventually become, everything about Julia Stakhiva, everything she says and does, would be on it.

Stakhiva has been raised by parents who are completely on board with how their only child lives her life and as far as I am concerned, are also responsible.

"I am very close to my parents, they taught me to improve myself like this and they see my talent."


"I received my first designer items from my parents - a Louis Vuitton handbag and Gucci shoes - when I was nine-years-old. It gave me a taste for the finer things. And since the age of 16, I've been spending at least £17,000 per month on clothes. But for my graduation outfit, I have a budget of £20,000 minimum. My mother and I will be going to Paris to buy a really nice dress for the ceremony."

Have a look through Julia's Instagram photos. Post continues after gallery.

"And ever year since I was 16 years old, my parents have sent me to a private German clinic for two months to do a detox. I've had to take all my school and university exams at the clinic because my parents insist that I do this detox.

"Since I was a young child, I did the usual beauty treatments like manicures, pedicures and facials. But when I turned eighteen years old, with my parents' permission, I started getting cosmetic surgery."

"I got fillers to make my face more pretty and buccal fat removal surgery to make my cheeks more defined. I had too much baby fat."

"My parents understand my pursuit of perfection. Being healthy and looking good is the most important thing in the world."

"You can't have expensive bags and watches and stay in a three-star hotel. My parents would worry for my safety."

Seriously, what the hell?!?

Image: Julia Stakhiva Instagram. 

When thinking about something like this - lifestyles of the insanely wealthy - I don't covet their lives nor wish I had more money to spend on clothes. I just wonder what would happen to someone like her if the money simply vanished overnight.

What would she do then?

Would she even know what to do?

I am a mother and I do indulge my children, on occasion, however raising a child who makes it her life to spend money and show people that she is spending money, whose goals include being thin and pretty sits very uncomfortably with me. She's not doing anything wrong, she's not harming anyone, but what is the point of it all?

To me the ultimate goal of being a parent is to raise children who can live good lives once I am gone. If one day they lose everything and have to start all over again, they will have the skills, the tenacity, the resilience to do just that.

Julia Stakhiva doesn't strike me as someone who would be able to do that. She certainly seems to be enjoying her life, whatever it is. Maybe once she does join the work force in fashion design she will evolve. Instead of only having the mega-rich to provide her with their insane examples of what is and isn't important, of how she should and shouldn't live, she'll have other people to look up to who can set her a better example.

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