It appears The Bachelorette's Rhys is much, much more than a "model".

Channel 10, ya scallywags!

All this time (um, two episodes of The Bachelorette) you’ve made us believe that super-indie-model-dude Rhys is a “model/entrepreneur” when really – REALLY – he’s something much, much better.

And no, in what will come as a shock to absolutely bloody nobody, he’s not a poet.

Instead, the glasses wearing, cardigan donning 29-year-old doubles as a topless entertainer.

We know this, because it says so on his personal website, where he refers to himself as “Chilton R” (how very indie of you, Rhys).

Mmmmmmmmmm Chilton Rrrrrrrrrr. (Image: Channel 10/The Bachelorette)

There you can buy his "Instagram Like a Pro" guide, or you can learn about "small business consulting", OR - you can read about "ladies events".

"Bachelorette parties, ladies nights and corporate events, you can find me there clothed in one of my many fine suits or with the top half missing," Rhys writes. "Why? Because they're great fun!"


He continues: "Yes I've done plenty of ladies events in my time and I'd like to say it's truly a shame there's a sleazy, negative association with this type of work. I've helped some really amazing groups of girls enjoy what is a very special celebration and for as long as I'm in good enough shape I think I'll continue doing so."

If you're organising a hens party, Rhys does have a few rules you might want to keep in mind:

  1. Rhys is not a stripper. So you will not see, erm, Mini Rhys under any circumstances.
  2. Rhys is not a gigolo. He's just hot and probably a really good dancer.
  3. Rhys' pants stay ON. ON I TELL YOU.
  4. I can't even do this rule justice, so I'll just leave it in its original wording: "I'll try not get fat".

Oh, you also have to live on the Gold Coast, but after seeing him rip his shirt off on national television and pour a bucket of water on himself, I'd say that's a trip most of us are willing to make.

Oh hot daaaaaaaaayum. (Image: Channel 10)

Never change, Rhysy boy. Never change.

Will you be booking Rhys in anytime soon?