The Bachelorette’s Rhys’s estranged wife Kelsi says he treated her horribly.

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Just when you thought the worst thing about The Bachelorette‘s Rhys Chilton was his poetry, it turns out the Brisbane “bachelor” might be a whole lot less eligible than he’s been making out.

Yesterday it was revealed that the 29-year-old entrepreneur (*cough* women’s entertainer *cough*) is still married to his estranged wife, a US-based 24-year-old named Kelsi.

But what’s more troubling are the things she had to say about it.

More details from her exclusive interview with OK! magazine have been published today, including claims Rhys would undermine her confidence by calling her “fat” and telling her, “you won’t amount to anything”.

She also said he tried to sabotage her burgeoning photography business, before they eventually split two years ago.

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“I had a photography website and he blocked access saying he wouldn’t give it back until I repaid him $300 I owed him for bills,” she told OK!.

A troubling text seen by the magazine read: “In case u are too stupid…Pay ur debts you f***ing retard (sic)”

Of course, everyone has relationship skeletons hidden in their closets amongst their funky scarves, but geez, it’s not exactly a glowing review.

“Rhys is still the selfish guy that made me feel miserable,” Kelsi said after watching the show.

“Georgia doesn’t deserve that and no woman does.”

Kelsi claims Rhys is still "selfish". Source: Channel 10

To his credit, Rhys has been open(ish) about his relationship history, admitting to previously having been in love on his The Bachelorette bio.

"Kelsi and I were in love and got married but unfortunately for us it didn’t work out," he confirmed in a statement released via Channel 10 today.

He said the details of their divorce were still being finalised and said he has explained the situation to Georgia.

"The Bachelorette was an opportunity, albeit unorthodox, to see if I was ready to meet somebody," he said.

"I have explained my reason to Georgia for being here and I feel she understands. Kelsi is a great girl and I’ve always wanted to see her happy in life."

Kelsi and Rhys were only together a few months before she moved back to the US from Brisbane.

Here's hoping our beautiful Bachelorette finds something a little more everlasting.

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