The Real Housewives of Melbourne and Sydney do not like each other one bit.

Ding ding ding!

Hoooooooly moly, the Real Housewives of Melbourne vs Real Housewives of Sydney feud has kicked off in epic proportions.

In the wake of the RHOS cast announcement on Friday, Melbourne’s Gamble Breaux launched into a crazy-mean character assassination of Sydney’s Lisa Oldfield.

And to put it simply, Shit. Got. Messy.

Flames starting a’blazin with these choice words from the 43-year-old on Facebook.

Woah woah WOAH. Help... I'm seeing lots of black dots everywhere.

We're assuming the 'Anne Winters' comment was trying to compare Lisa to Vogue's long time editor-in-chief, *Anna* *Wintour*, with whom she shares a similar haircut.

The wife of eye surgeon Rick Wolfe didn't stop there - adding she's also more famous than Oldfield, who she's "never heard of".

We talk Real Housewives on the latest episode of The Binge:

The comments were reportedly posted because Gamble didn't take kindly to Lisa's jokes at the Foxtel media launch that Sydney is #TotezBetterThanMelbourne.

“I wouldn’t compare myself to any of those girls,” the former Nine panellist said on Friday. “The benchmark is so low. The best thing about Melbourne is their upside-down river, which is heavily polluted.

Watch Lisa Oldfield discuss the rumour Pauline Hanson slept with her husband. (Post continues...)


“The best thing that came out of Melbourne is probably Underbelly so really we are starting very low. But I mean, they look like a lot of fun but they’d have to come up here because I certainly wouldn’t go down there.”


To churn the drah-mah on, Lisa spoke to The Daily Telegraph and copiously added spice.

"I’m not surprised [Gamble] hasn’t heard of me. I made my name in the boardroom, she made hers in the bedroom."

Well, then. Shade is being thrown around like confetti and I can't feel my face anymore.

Lisa also added: "This is just a desperate grab to remain relevant. It is reality TV, we are not saving lives. My original comments were to create a bit of drama in good fun. I love Melbourne. I was playing on the whole Sydney-Melbourne rivalry.”

We highly doubt this will be the last time we report on the Syd/Melbs housewives feuding.

So I'll see you in the same place next time, folks.

While we're here, this is the very best from Gamble's Insta account...