Watch this man take down two CNN journalists on vilifying Islam.

If you haven’t heard the name Reza Aslan before, you won’t be forgetting it after watching this video.

Aslan is an Iranian-American writer and religious scholar, and in 2014 he appeared on CNN to discuss the stereotyping of Islam and islamophobia.

And man does this guy know how to epically take down some bigoted CNN journalists.

Aslan rejecting the most ignorant anti-Islam arguments with nothing but class and intelligence is something we all need to watch and digest, particularly given the events of the last week.

Watch Aslan’s pure brilliance below (post continues after video).

Video via CNN

Bravo, Reza Aslan.

If only your wonderful words could be listened to by more.

What did you think of Reza Aslan’s appearance on CNN?

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