Hero Product: Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick

When your complexion sits on the ‘ivory’ end of the foundation spectrum, red lipstick is the best weapon you can have in your armoury. Lipstick is my cosmetic constant; I  shudder to think of how many kilos of pigment I will unknowingly consume over the course of my life.

As any lipstick fiend will know, finding the perfect match isn’t just a case of walking into your nearest chemist and grabbing the first tube you see. But that’s exactly what I pulled off a few days ago. I was quickly stocking up on shampoo in Priceline when I spied a sale flag on a row of Revlon Super Lustrous matte lipsticks. Boy, does that store know how to tug on a girl’s heart (and purse) strings.

They were about to close, so I grabbed the first red I came across, did a quick hand swatch and decided to give it a whirl. That snap decision could have ended in disaster but to my delight, ‘Retro Red’ turned out to be a real beauty. It’s the kind of intense, rich colour the characters on Mad Men wear, so if you like that classic sixties look you’re going to adore this shade.

I don’t usually go for matte styles because they make my lips feel too dry, but this one is super silky and glides on really nicely. Plus, at $21.95 – or $16 on sale – it’s a steal. A red-hot one, if you will.