"It de-puffed my dark circles.": 11 women try Revlon's new $26.95 multipurpose concealer with Vitamin C and caffeine.

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Leigh Campbell, co-host of Mamamia podcast You Beauty, receives an OUTLANDISH amount of questions (as you can imagine) from her 17ish years of beauty expertise. She could write a book about them (and believe us – we're encouraging her to).       

Leigh says over the years, she sees patterns in what people ask her about, with a solid rotation of repeat questions arising time and time again. One of them she often gets asked is “what’s a good concealer?”.

Her response, she says, is always, “for what, exactly?"

This is where it's handy to know not all concealers are made equal, and are usually picked to carry out very different tasks: covering dark circles, hiding spots (pimples, acne scars), colour correcting redness or purple tones, and the list continues. 

But now Revlon Colorstay Skin Awaken Concealer has entered the chat. For an ultra-lightweight concealer, there's lots of heavy lifting going on here. 

This new multipurpose concealer range combines 5 jobs in 1, helping the wearer erase, brighten, perfect, hydrate and refresh. The formula uses caffeine (to help reduce puffy eyes), Vitamin C (to reduce dullness for glowier skin) and emollients (to smooth and soften the skin barrier). 

It brightens and de-puffs dark circles, boost the skin's moisture, targets uneven skin tone and fine lines, and delivers a flawless, hydrated, natural-looking luminous finish for up to 24 hours.

She's a real overachiever. 

We obviously had questions (is this concealer a unicorn? Does it actually last 24 hours? Is caffeine better in or on our mugs?).

To help you find out whether it lives up to its promises, we asked 50 people on our Mamamia You Beauty Panel to road test Revlon's new Colorstay Skin Awaken Concealer collection and report back to us.

Here's what 11 of them said.

Sara, 42: "Perfect buildable coverage for my darker spots."

"I'll definitely repurchase Revlon's new Colorstay Skin Awaken Concealer again and be recommending it to my friends! The spongy applicator made it so easy to use, and I could see the difference under my eyes from the brightening formula straight away.

"I used in the corner of my eyes and over some of my dark pigmentation underneath the eyes, and loved the results. It's a great consistency (not thick and cakey), so I found it perfect for eyes with buildable coverage for my darker spots. The tube is also the perfect size to tuck into your purse. Very satisfied!"

Katie, 26: "Loved the staying power."

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"Revlon's new concealer is beautifully buildable, delivering medium to high coverage that lasts so well. Its claim for 24-hour longwear definitely holds up: loved the staying power when I tried it.

"I wore it as a base product, building up the product layers under my eyes and on areas of redness. I then sheered this product across my face as a base product too, so I'm liking it for a variety of uses.

"I'll be getting this concealer again from Chemist Warehouse, for sure. It's such a high quality product at a relatively low price point."

Mala, 33: "My undereye areas are feeling more plump."

Image: Supplied. "I really like it! With my darker skin, I usually find that concealer shades can be a bit too light or off-coloured, but this Colorstay Skin Awaken Concealer is honestly perfect.


"I love the applicator and how smoothly the product melts into the skin. My undereye areas are feeling more plump, so my skin is loving the ingredients. I haven’t even needed to wear foundation because the seamless look of the concealer works perfectly to hide the dark circles but still look natural. I also use it in my inner corners, under the brow bone (to highlight), around the side of my lips and over scars too.

"It works great under SPF too, and the doe foot applicator is easy to control the amount of product you want to use. Love it and will definitely continue to purchase into the future."

Jenny, 37: "Love that it's got Vitamin C in it."

"Loved it! Great for the low maintenance gal, like myself, so will 100% repurchase again. I used a dash of this concealer over the top of my sunscreen – I loved that a little went a long way.

"It’s light yet buildable, and it doesn’t cake or sit in my undereye creases. Love that it’s also got Vitamin C in it for helping correct dark spots."

Madison, 32: "I'm really happy with how long it lasts."

Image: Supplied. "I really liked using Revlon's new concealer to look more awake on my work video calls. It blends really easily onto the skin, and was really happy with how long it lasted. I've been wearing it on its own without using foundation."

Brittany, 32: "My skin LOVES it."

"I was really excited to try this new concealer, as I’ve had such troubles searching for a great one for years. I opted to try the Revlon Colorstay Skin Awaken Concealer Universal Brightener, which I found was a fabulous product and my skin LOVES it. 


"I especially like how I can use this concealer when I’m just wearing tinted sunscreen or zinc – which is my go-to with a toddler – and look refreshed, brightened and have my dark circles basically erased. I found it doesn't feel heavy or cakey, and it gives excellent coverage."

Kate, 39: "The formula is beautiful and covered my dark circles."

Image: Supplied. "I actually LOVE this product! I’ve never been able to find a concealer I’ve been happy with. My main area of concern is dark circles under my eyes, and every time I try a new concealer, it's either super drying, or it’s too greasy and sits in the lines. But this product was none of those things! 

"It is super easy to apply with the little cushioned applicator, and it feels creamy and hydrating, while avoiding feeling greasy. I dotted it onto my undereye area, then just patted it with my ring finger to spread it easily. It covered my dark circles really well, it didn’t sit in my fine lines, and it lasted literally hours. I put it on at about midday and was still looking fresh at 9pm. I really, really loved this product!

"This formula is beautiful and works wonders. I’ll also be using it to cover more of my red spots, and pigmentation that is more pronounced in summer."

Karli, 37: "I would definitely purchase again."

"I found the Revlon concealer offered me great coverage and colour match which is often a challenge! It covered my dark circles beautifully, with the applicator very easy to use and control. Apart from undereye use, it's also perfect to cover up my blemishes. I would definitely recommend this concealer and purchase again."

Navya, 31: "It de-puffed my dark circles and hydrated under my eyes."

Image: Supplied. "This concealer feels lovely to use. It's very lightweight on the skin and doesn’t feel thick, but great that it's also buildable where needed. I love that it has caffeine and Viiamin C infused in it as well, which I felt helped de-puff my dark circles and hydrate under my eyes.


"It gives high coverage, and perfect as an eye primer too. I'd recommend this to others, definitely."

Jessica, 33: "It concealed well while still looking very natural."

"I loved this product. As a mum of 2 small kids, I’m constantly looking for anything to brighten around my eyes, and give me that full-8-hours-of-sleep look! This did no disappoint at all.

"It's good enough to wear alone, with my CC cream or my foundation. The product was creamy and didn’t fall into and highlight my under eye wrinkles. It concealed well while still looking very natural, and I was impressed at how long it lasted."

Georgia, 42: "It made a big difference in moisturising my skin, instead of drying it out."

"Really liked this! Finally found a concealer that is malleable enough to work into my skin (without dragging my skin) but doesn't sink into any lines and creases. The built-in spongey applicator tip makes using it mess-free and dispenses just the right amount. Coverage is pretty great, and it made a big difference in moisturising my skin, instead of drying it out.

"The fact that it lasted a full day of wear without creasing or transferring is wonderful."

Want to try for yourself now? Check out Chemist Warehouse in-store or online.

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