TRIED & TESTED: I tried the viral reverse cat eye trend to see what it looks like IRL.

If you’re on Beauty TikTok then you have definitely seen this trend. With a whopping 9.3 million views, the reverse cat eye is a new take on the traditional smokey eye - and not only is it the hottest makeup trend right now, it’s also super easy.

There are five simple steps to achieving the perfect reverse cat eye, and only a handful of tools.

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To achieve this look, you’ll need the below products on hand:

  • Three eyeshadow colours: black, brown and a light brown/taupe.

  • A black eyeliner pencil.

  • Black liquid eyeliner.

  • Mascara.

  • Fake lashes (if you wear them).

First up, we'll start with a prepped base. So that might include your foundation, contouring, brows, etc. I also like to apply some eye primer (I use cream concealer) to make sure everything stays put.

Okay, to the eyes - let's go!

Step 1: Add definition to your crease. 

To start, apply your taupe brown eyeshadow to the crease of your eye. Make sure you blend the shadow up and out (especially for people with hooded eyes).

Image: Supplied


Step 2: Apply eyeliner to your lower waterline. 

Next, apply the eyeliner pencil to your lower waterline. I also apply it to the outer two-thirds of my upper waterline because it helps to blend the band of your lashes into your lash line.

Image: Supplied

Step 3: Apply black eyeshadow.

Using a small brush (for maximum control) apply your black eyeshadow to your lower lash line. Then, take a small blending brush and blend the black shadow. Stop blending when you reach the outer corner of the eye.

Pro tip: Hold a tissue under your eye to catch any excess eyeshadow that may otherwise ruin your flawless base. You can also use a cotton bud to go in and clean/sharpen lines.

Image: Supplied


Step 4: Apply a medium/dark brown eyeshadow. 

The brown shadow is an essential ingredient for creating a captivating look without making you look like a racoon. Blend the brown shadow out and up, just a little further than the black. 

Pro tip: Always blend your contour, blush and eyeshadow out and up (especially if you have hooded eyes). This technique helps to lift your features. It’s a makeup facelift!

Image: Supplied

Step 5: Apply eyeliner.

Apply your eyeliner in small, sharp points, to both the inner and outer corners of your eyes. This will help to elongate your eyes and tie the look together seamlessly.

Image: Supplied


Bonus step: Mascara and lashes.

Add mascara then lashes if desired. Just don’t put your lashes on and then your mascara. Ever.

Here's the finished look:

Image: Supplied

Image: Supplied


I love the reverse cat eye look because I think it's edgy, different and surprisingly easy. If you're looking to switch things up, I definitely recommend giving it a whirl!

Would you try the reverse cat eye trend? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature Image: Supplied/Lacey Jade Christie.

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