“I normally love the Kardashians, but their new show is cruel and dangerous.”

There have been many notable moments where we have defended the Kardashian sisters.

We have applauded their business instincts, we have celebrated their no-nonsense attitudes and we have mourned their tragedies.

But Khloe Kardashian’s, 32, latest reality television series, Revenge Bodies, sets to change this as it delivers a sickening twist on an already dangerous concept: the weight-loss show.

Revenge Bodies follows the format of such shows as The Biggest Loser to supply audiences with a group of individuals determined to lose weight.

The factor that differs Revenge Bodies from its older comparison is that contestants are technically working on their body to somehow seek “revenge” on those who have previously shamed them.

Hosts Laura Brodnik and Rosie Waterland, discussed the show on this week’s episode of Mamamia‘s television podcast, The Binge.

Listen to Laura and Rosie discuss why they simply can’t support for the new Kardashian show.

Laura, a fervent fan of the Kardashians, said the show seemed to possess a certain cruelty to its format.

“There was an element of real meanness to this – you know, she’s [Khloe Kardashian] got these people coming on the show that are overweight and they’re getting yelled at,” she said.

“These are people with really serious issues, and I know they’ve played the whole card of, ‘oh we’ll have a psychologist on set to talk to them’ but is that really going to help these people?”

Laura discussed how the contestants were essentially being told that their worth was determined by a number on the scales.

“The whole idea is you’re in this terrible place because of how you look right now,” she said.

“And then they have this unveiling where they confront people and have to say who their body is for, ‘this is for my ex-boyfriend, this is for my mum who told me I was fat’.”

Khloe displaying her own 'revenge body' in the series' promotional clip. (Source: E! Network.)

Co-Host Rosie shared how she feared the contestants would not be satisfied by simply losing weight.

"I was on the very thin end of the spectrum and the very large end of the spectrum and I did not start to get to a normal, healthy medium place until I became confident on the inside,"

"They'll get gratification for what - five minutes -  they'll get this big reveal moment, on this show, and then they'll go home and they'll just start living an unhealthy life again."

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Rosie ended her thoughts with an ominous prediction for the future success of the show.

"I have this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that this is actually going to end up a hugely popular show," she said.

Revenge Bodies premieres on the E! Network on January 12.

Listen to Rosie and Laura discuss what's hot in television this week on The Binge.