Revealed: Dora the tween explorer

And here she is….

After our impassioned discussions here (and similar ones in every Dora-speaking country), a few words of clarification have emerged from Dora's corporate parents Mattel and Nicolodeon. Apparently? From what I can understand in amongst the spin? There are going to be TWO versions of Dora. Regular and Tween.

According to today's reports, this is what Mattel and Nicolodeon have to say:

"The award-winning preschool Dora character that audiences know
and love is not changing at all," the two companies said in a joint

"In the nine years she has been on television, Dora has become
an important role model to many. The Latina heroine has connected
with a generation of young boys and girls all around the world
through her courageousness and sense of adventure."

In response, the companies have unveiled Dora's total new look,
showing a young girl in flowered tunic, purple leggings and
sandals. They said Dora would be solving mysteries with four new
girlfriends related to the environment, wildlife and school.

"This version of Dora – which is approximately modeled after a
nine or 10-year-old – is an age-appropriate doll that lets girls
continue to learn and grow with the character," they said.

"The reason for creating this new Dora line is to offer an
alternative to moms who want their daughters to stay little girls,
a little longer. The sense of adventure that is such a core part of
Dora the Explorer continues in this new line."

Look, I've never bought into the argument that the whole 'tween' category is a marketing and media construct. There IS a real need for appropriate material aimed at girls and boys between preschool and teen. As much as we'd love them not to grow up too fast, it's not realistic to expect our kids to be satisfied with Winnie The Pooh and the Wiggles (and Dora) until they're ready to graduate to Harry Potter.
Now that it's been made clear (sort of) that Original Dora is to remain unchanged (I think), I am prepared to have an open mind about a potential new role model in Dora the Tween.
Can anyone think of any other good ones for girls around 10? Because I'm struggling. Pussycat Dolls anyone?????????