The 15 worst things about life with Nice Resting Face.

Image: Annie from Community would understand this. 

We’ve all heard of Resting Bitch Face — but spare a thought for those of us living with its lesser-known cousin, Resting Nice Face.

Women with Resting Bitch Face are wrongly accused of being bitter grumps. Resting Nice Face sufferers, on the other hand, are often mistaken for being cheerful, laid-back types.

It’s actually more annoying than it sounds. I know this because my face constantly smiles; even if I’m having the worst day of my life, I’ll still break out in a sunny grin when another human comes my way. My face betrays me with amusing consequences.

Anyone with resting nice face will relate to these 15 struggles – or, shall I say, we’ll just grin and bear it.

1. Charity muggers adore you.

Those charity people who hang out in malls, harassing people to donate? Well, they’re coming straight at you and your open, kindly face. Say goodbye to the next 20 minutes… and that $20 note in your wallet. And your email address, mobile number and home address.

But hey, helping those less fortunate than yourself is truly something to grin about, right?

2. Tourists will always ask you for help.

Whether it’s taking their photo or giving them directions (despite the fact you’re often lost yourself). It’s because you look just so friendly and gentle, qualities potential muggers definitely don’t have.

Resting Nice Face is a secret talent, right? Here, our favourite Aussie celebs share theirs. (Post continues after video.)


3. In school, you were the teacher’s pet.

You were the kid chosen to deliver messages to other teachers or give a speech at assembly. It’s because your little face was just so cute and earnest.

4. You always end up helping the hired help.

People you’ve hired to help you, like tradespeople or gardeners, will somehow enlist you to help them. Enjoy raking up those leaves as you regret being so warm and welcoming.

5. You’ve actually dedicated time to practicing Resting Bitch Face in the mirror.

And you’ve failed. (Post continues after gallery.)

6. New friends will tell you how “happy-go-lucky” and “carefree” you are.

They couldn’t be more wrong. But you smile anyway.

7. You’re often told you “could never be angry”

Even when you think you’re in a full-blown rage, people will ask, “Are you angry? Because you look so happy right now.”

8. You’re a target for odd-bods.

You know that weirdo on the bus, who likes to talk for the entire 50 minute commute about how their pet ferret will only eat Chicken McNuggets? Well, they’re going to sit right next to you, because your pleasant face is just so welcoming.

Does this "How I Met Your Mother" situation happen to you?



9. The soft-hearts love you.

The wimpy, needy guy or gal will always crush on you, because they think that you will help them and be a shoulder to cry on. Definitely forget about attracting that bad-boy or bad-girl type, because it’s the achey-breaky heart who’s gonna come your way instead.

10. Children love you.

That’s gotta be a good thing… right? *Heads to the bathroom to desperately scrub at snot stain on new silk shirt*

11. People act surprised if you confess to doing anything that’s just a tiny bit deviant.

Like having a tattoo or getting drunk. They’re also shocked if you swear. Because you’re just too nice for that sort of thing!

Sex and the City's Charlotte, drunk? No way.


12. Friends will try to protect you from being “corrupted”.

This means that they’ll shield your eyes from the sex scenes in movies and they’ll also apologise for swearing in front of you. It’s because you look too wholesome and sweet to enjoy a good F-bomb or two.

13. People are always calling you nicknames.

Honey, sweetie, possum, darl, babe, love, petal... everyone has an endearing name for you, and that's because you look just so non-threatening and likeable.

14. You hear everyone's life story within minutes of meeting them.

Five minutes into meeting a new person, they’ve already told you about their most painful childhood memory, as well as their secret dream of becoming an interior designer. There’s just something about your friendly face that invites people to tell you their entire life’s story.

15. When you look in the mirror, you smile at yourself.

Because you just can’t help it.

Do you - or someone you know - have Resting Nice Face? What's the worst thing about it?