An Irish restaurant owner had the best response to a customer who left a negative review.


Things started out well for Aussie tourist Graham and his wife when they visited Eala Bhan restaurant in the coastal seaport of Sligo, Ireland.

Writing a review on TripAdvisor after his dining experience, Graham wrote the food was “quite reasonable”.

But things turned sour very quickly when Graham accused the restaurant and its staff of having “low integrity” when he left his jacket and glasses behind after the meal.

“I accidentally left my Windbreaker with eye glasses in [the] pocket. We only discovered this when we arrived at our next destination,” he wrote.

restaurant review
Graham wasn't happy with what happened after he left his belongings at the restaurant. Image via Eala Bahn/TripAdvisor.

Graham said he rang the restaurant's owner, Anthony Gray, who agreed to post his misplaced items back to him. But a week later, Graham's jacket and glasses still hadn't arrived.

"I re-emailed twice with no wife and I have since returned to Australia, short of one jacket and one pair of glasses," he wrote.

"Bottom line is food might be okay, but integrity is seriously lacking."

Understandably, owner Anthony wasn't too happy with Graham's poor review based on a few misplaced possessions.

So he took matters into his own hands, and penned a hilarious response.

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"I never usually respond to reviews but have made a exception in your case," he began.

"I apologise that I had not immediately sent your belongings back to Australia. I should have... hot tailed it up to the local post office and made your jacket a priority but unfortunately these things don't always happen the way you may have planned.

"I'm only trying to run two restaurants in the middle of summer while my manager, whom I'm delighted to say is six months pregnant but unfortunately is suffering God bless her wee soul and out of work resting which I insisted on!!!"

Anthony explained that he also is a father of three children under the age of 10, who "run around the house like gladiators...while not going to bed on time, rising like ninjas at dawn."

"I am what you might say just a little tired and a tad busy," he wrote.

restaurant review response
The restaurant's owner replied in spectacular form, reminding Graham that mailing his jacket was at the bottom of his 'to do' list. Image via TripAdvisor.

"People make mistakes and forget things just like you did with your possessions. But to come on TripAdvisor and review me about my lack of postal skills, honesty and integrity beggars belief.

"I mean you are butchering my name insofar as my forgetfulness, yet it was your forgetfulness that has us here!!!! POT KETTLE BLACK."

But Anthony wasn't done yet, and even questioned why Graham needed his jacket returned to Australia so desperately.

Eala Bahn meal
"Bottom line is food might be okay, but integrity is seriously lacking," the review said. Image via Eala Bahn.

"I just checked the weather forecast in your part of sunny Australia and I reckon you will be fairly safe insofar as your lack of's roasting in your spot!

"Your possessions are en route you will be glad to know! And as far as my honesty is concerned I'm not even going to charge your credit card for the post.

"Furthermore the next time you visit...I'll bring you shopping locally for a new Windbreaker. As far I see its a bit of a crime against fashion."

Ouch. I think we'll give Anthony the win on this one.

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