PSA: This is why the 'hard reset' trick isn't working on your new iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 is out, and those lucky enough to have expired contracts (or a thick wad of cashola) are snagging an upgrade.

One of those lucky customers was a friend of mine, who nearly broke hers in a rage after it froze and she was unable to reset it.

This is because the hard reset function on the iPhone 7 has changed.


Previous generations of iPhones could be reset by simultaneously holding the home button with the button on the right hand side.

Old Generation (6 and below)

Reset: Press and hold home button with button on top right until the screen goes blank and an apple logo appears.

Shout out to MS Paint.

New Generation (7 and 7 Plus)

The iPhone 7 requires users to press and hold the power button on the right side and the volume down button on the left.

The buttons should remain held until the screen goes blank and an Apple logo appears.

An unsung graphics hero.

These handy tips are most likely in the manual, but let's not kid ourselves - manuals are read for cars, electronics with more than three buttons, and Ikea flatpacks.

Any other issues with new items can be fixed with a hesitant press, a determined press, a frown and a Google.

Feature image via iStock.