Reporter's close encounter with escaped pet bird caught on tape.

Nine News reporter Brittney Kleyn got quite a fright when a runaway pet bird landed on her shoulder yesterday.

Kleyn was preparing for a live cross in front of the Southport Courthouse when the unexpected visitor flew in.

Kleyn was distressed when the colourful bird made itself very comfortable on her shoulder and didn’t wanted to move, even when she tried to flick it away.

“I can’t get it off me!” Kleyn said, clearly uncomfortable. “Oh my God! Oh my God!”

A crew member had to remove the bird from Kleyn’s shoulder.

Today commented on their Facebook page this morning that the mischievous bird is a Sun Conure named Lola and she will be returned to her owners today.

This is not the first time a bird has tried to interrupt a live cross. Weatherman Stevie Jacobs was ‘attacked’ by a bird that flew out of his arms during a live cross in 2013.

Image via Today Facebook page.