A Nine news reporter was bitten by a bull ant on camera.

“Ohhhh…. f**k.”

In order of inconvenient things that really bloody hurt, a bull ant bite ranks slightly higher than a paper cut.

Everyone who has experienced this pain (and all Australians everywhere) will be able to sympathise with Nine News Reporter Alex Bernhardt’s reaction to the bite she got in a recorded piece a few months ago.

It involved a lot of expletives and an inability to continue functioning effectively.

If we weren’t so busy sympathising with her though, we would be laughing as the footage is quite hilarious (sorry Alex).

Video via Channel 9

Unfortunately this is not the first time Bernhardt has been attacked on screen.

In June Bernhardt had a cigarette butt put out on her face by a woman she was trying to interview outside of court.

She also has been drenched in water from an esky carried by a man thought to have been in possession of a grenade.

Maybe not a great time to buy a lottery ticket, Alex. Just a thought.

h/t 9News

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