There's a Reno Rumble baby on the way for the couple with the most controversial exit.

Exciting times for the renovation couple.

There’s more baby news in the reality TV renovation world. Just days after Chris and Jenna from The Block announced the birth of their baby, Ben and Jemma from Reno Rumble have announced they’re expecting baby number two.

The most amazing part about this story though is that the couple conceived while working on the highly stressful reality TV series. Jemma and Ben Van Ryt told Woman’s Day magazine that it was extremely lucky.

“The funny thing is we only did “it” once while we were on the show, and it happened from that one time!” Jemma told Woman’s Day.

Jemma says they were lucky. Image via Jemma Van Ryt Facebook.

Although the couple were evicted from Reno Rumble on Sunday night, they're ecstatic about the news of their second child. The pair were stitched up by another contestant on the show, Josh.

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Josh was determined to do whatever it takes to win, so he sabotaged Ben and Jemma in order to save another couple (recent The Block contestants) Aidan and Jess. And it worked.

The couple were stitched up. Image via Jemma Van Ryt Facebook.

This is the second reality show Jemma and Ben have appeared on, previously they were on House Rules. Now it seems the young couple will be getting ready for the arrival of baby number two.

We really are just impressed they could find the time to do 'it' while on such a stressful show.

Congratulations to them both.

What do you think about having a second baby so close to the first?

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