16 women share what they classify as relationship 'yellow flags'.

What are your relationship yellow flags?

On Thursday night’s episode of The Bachelor, Matt Agnew mentioned his “yellow flags” in relation to Abbie, after he was informed by Sogand that she was potentially on the dating show for the wrong reasons. (You know… because everyone goes on reality TV purely for love. Obviously.)

Anywho, whilst we smuggly presumed he in fact meant ‘red flags’, we then remembered he is a scientist and definitely knows what he is talking about.

relationship yellow flag
Matt was told that Abbie may not be on The Bachelor for the right reasons. Image: Channel 10.

You see, yellow flags are different from red flags in that they are those characteristic traits that are not dealbreakers, but instead worthy of a slight... pause. They make you question things, but don't necessarily spell the end of your relationship.

So we asked the Mamamia community what their yellow flags in relationships are, and we were inundated with responses.

Here are 37 women on what their yellow flags in a relationship are...

1. "When he/she doesn't have a good relationship with their family."

2. "Being constantly late to things - it demonstrates a lack of care or respect for others."


3. "Leaving their bath towel and clothes on the floor."

4. "Being rude to hospitality staff."

5. "If his behaviour is different around his friends or if he makes crude comments about women."

6. "The way they treat your pets or tell you how to treat your pets. I once had a guy tell me I need to be firmer and not allow my dog on the couch. No. It’s my dog and my couch."

7. "Resorts to violence when dealing with other men or is aggressive for the sake of it."

8. "Talking over the top of me."

9. "If they don't have any friends."

Side note.. we translate dating terms. Post continues after video.

10. "Following 1000000 Instagram models."

11. "Being impatient with the elderly or little children."

12. "If he says his exes are 'crazy'."

13. "When they tend to talk about themselves... a lot."

14. "Coming on strong really early in dating or before they’ve even met you - tends to mean they have an ideal version of you in their heads that’s unrealistic."

15. "Being in a significant amount of debt."

16. "How he speaks to his mother."

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