What's the most disgusting thing you'd be willing to do in front of your partner?

Is there anything that you consider too gross to do in front of your partner?

A fart? Leg shaving? Tampon insertion? This stuff is awkward to talk about, but your relationship will never work out unless you’re on the same page when it comes to your no-go zones.

Enter The Relationship NOPE Scale.

The Relationship NOPE Scale basically measures what level of gross shit you are prepared to do in front of your partner. Some things, like farting for me, are totally fine. For other people, the idea of farting in front of their significant other is a definite, unequivocal NOPE.

Beware The Relationship NOPE Scale.

In order to have a successful relationship without an unbearable level of awkwardness, you need to find a partner at the closest possible level to you on The Relationship NOPE Scale.


The following list will help you to measure how you and your partner match up. Go through and put a NOPE next to the items that are a definite no-go for you to either do or see in a relationship. Get your partner to do the same. Then compare answers.


But be warned: You complete The Relationship NOPE Scale at your own risk. It could lead to some very uncomfortable conversations. Or a night of very relieved farting. Only time will tell.

So… Is your relationship over?

How far down the Relationship NOPE scale did you get?

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