BEHOLD: The Reject Shop will be your next budget-friendly Scandi-furniture obsession.

There’s no better hype-train that we will completely head-over-heels dive into than the wonders of Scandi-inspired decor at an affordable price.

Swedish juggernauts Ikea know this very well, as do Kmart, but newcomer to the game is discount chain The Reject Shop and its time to shine is here.

Yes, it’s home to all the party decorations you could need for any birthday party, seemingly celebrates every single holiday from St. Patrick’s Day to Halloween, and carries an oddly comprehensive snack section, but they’ve also been delivering homeware bangers of late, and you – the people – need to know.

Exhibit A: this chair:

It’s $59, looks tres comfy, and is very on trend with its natural wooden accents and neutral upholstery. It even comes in a ‘mocha’ colour too.

While the chair won’t be in stores till March 15 (that’s this Thursday) it looks like it’s going to be a sell-out, with the post amassing over 2100 likes and 177 comments in just two days.


The appropriate saying here is umm… run don’t walk yes?

How do you find your home style? Australian interior designer and The Block judge Shaynna Blaze talks about the best way to style your home. Post continues after audio.

However, if the hygge (that’s Danish for the heady combination of cosiness, warmth and familiarity… very Scandi) tones of  the above chair don’t tickle your fancy, perhaps these products might…

First up you’ve got the fake house-plant that might as well be real:

Aesthetic kitchen supplies that wouldn’t look out of place in a Donna Hay cook book.


Industrial-chic solar lights that would boost your garden potential for only $5 and unicorn string lights for $9.


And, last but not least, fabulous paisley puppy bandanas… just because.

Now do yourself a favour and hop, skip or jump to your nearest Reject Shop (link here because we’ve got your backs) and nail yourself a trendy homeware fix.

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