How I handled a new job, new house, new husband.... all in one month.

In the space of one month I just quit my job, started a new business, moved house and got married… in Mexico.

If I had to rate my stress levels, I’d have to say I’m sitting firmly at a 21 out of 10.

I don’t know about you but I’m 42 years old and the older I get the harder it is to change. Change is hard and scary. But it’s also completely worth it.

It was time to shed my skin and reinvent myself. Instead of talking about my dreams it was time to actually go out and live them.

I have always wanted to host my own TV show. I’ve had decades of close calls, filmed seven pilots that never went to air and had plenty of guest appearances. It can be rough on your self-esteem waiting more than 20 years for someone to “discover” you and give you a break.

"I have always wanted to host my own TV show." Image via Instagram @shellyhorton1

I found I ricocheted from job to job hoping this would be ‘the one’ that made me happy. That I’d finally find a boss I didn’t want to throttle. But my problem with authority didn’t pass.

I was working 80-hour weeks and being paid for 38. I was so stressed I wasn’t sleeping.  It was normal for me to only get four to five hours a night.  I was living to work not working to live.  Something had to change but I was running so fast on the hamster wheel I didn’t know how to get off.

It took an intervention from my best friend and my fiancé to make me realise I had to make a change. And make it NOW.


My friend Jeanine made me sit down for two hours and write what I wanted to do to be happier. At first it was hard, then the words just flowed. I wanted to work for myself. I was going to create my own break.

That night I slept for nine hours straight. It was like the universe was happy I was finally back on track.

The future is bright! Image via Instagram @shellyhorton1

The next week I quit my job. My now husband Darren was thrilled. He supported my dream and wanted to be part of it. So he quit his job too.

Holy crap.

One way to ensure you won’t fail is to make sure you don’t have a back up plan.

We started a video production company together. I am the presenter and producer and Darren is the cameraman, sound recordist and editor.

Video presenting is my passion and I know deep in my soul it’s what I’m meant to be doing.  I’ve previously been too scared to say it out loud.

I’ve decided I’ll be the one who gives me the big break. I’m backing myself and giving it a go with every toe and finger crossed.

It may have taken 42 years but I’m going to “discover” myself.

Wish me luck.

How have you reinvented your career?

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