10 anonymous parents confess: "What I regret about my divorce..."

Confessions of divorced parents.

“My kids hate me because I divorced their father and I can’t tell them all the the horrible things he did to me, so I let them treat me like crap.”

Anyone who’s life has been affected by a divorce will find it hard not to be moved by this story from The Huffington Post.

The quote above is just one of several anonymous and heartbreaking confessions made my divorced parents about their feelings of guilt and shame about their kids and  life post-break up.

Using a new, free app called Whisper these confessions reveal the raw side of life as a single parent and the real impact of divorce on children’s lives.

No two parents admissions are the same.  Some miss the comfortable routine of family life and kissing their little children every night before bed.

Others are torn by the financial pressure of living life on one income and the impact that will have on heir children’s futures. And then there are the people who have found new love, but don’t know how to share the news.

Do you relate to this story? Are you a divorced parent? Or a child of divorce? 

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