Reese Witherspoon re-enacts her fussy eater toddler. Nails it.

Standing up for parents’ of fussy eaters everywhere.

Being a parent can be tough sometimes (all the time) and especially at meal times. If you have a fussy eater you know the struggle is real, and so will appreciate what Reese Witherspoon has to say about her fussy eater.

The 39-year-old Wild star has had her fair share of food shaming from critics over her Instagram account after she posts images like this.

Such a smiley breakfast. Image via Reese Witherspoon Instagram.

The Hollywood mum sometimes shares photos of the creative meals she presents to her toddler who doesn't eat anything expect white bread, milk and ketchup.

Trolls shamed her for having (gasp) sugar on her child's plate. But the doting mum has explained why she has to get so creative in the kitchen because of her very fussy eating toddler.

She spoke on the American talk show, Conan about dealing with a fussy eater, and then went on to re-enact what her toddler sounds like when she dishes up her creative meals. It sounds a little something like this... (Post continues after the video)

Witherspoon explains that her 2-year-old son, Tennessee, just flat our refuses to eat anything. Even when presented with her delicious and creative meals all he wants is milk.

Her acting of a toddler tantrum is perfect (although Conan asks why her toddler's from Serbia-her accent may be a little too strong) otherwise she nails it. Parents go to so much effort to get their children to eat and ultimately, as Conan says, "if you want them to eat something green you've got to hide it in a chocolate bar."

We think Witherspoon's breakfast creations are gorgeous, and we'd eat them if they were plated up to us. Keep being real about the parenting thing Reese, we appreciate your humour.

How do you deal with a fussy eater?

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