Reese Witherspoon has been food shamed on social media. Again.

Mum and Wild actress Reese Witherspoon has become quite well known for her creative breakfast creations.

The 39-year-old often posts photos to her Instagram account showing cute and creative dishes that she makes for her children – mostly for breakfast.

And, unfortunately, Witherspoon often gets attacked by her followers for something about the meal. Earlier this year, she was shamed for having a breakfast with too much sugar and for promoting an unhealthy lifestyle for her kids with this photo: (read more about it here).

Because scrolls are not ok. Image via @reesewitherspoon Instagram.

Now the celebrity mum has been shamed for eating meat.

She posted this photos with the caption, "Happy Sunday folks!! Hope you're spending time with family...and bacon. #MoreBacon #BreakfastOfChampions."

Pancakes and bacon. Image via @reesewitherspoon Instagram.

Apparently eating #morebacon is not okay - in fact, eating any bacon is not okay. Some of Witherspoon's followers were not happy with her choice of meat for breakfast. They did not agree that it was the 'breakfast of champions' but rather of animal murderers.

The vegetarians came out in full force, against Reese Witherspoon and meat eaters.

It seemed that many of the actress's fans were not happy with her promoting bacon. But others asked the commenter's to settle down.

Witherspoon started a whole debate on her instagram post between those who are against eating meat and those who think a good strip of bacon is vital for a Sunday brunch.

Poor Reese is just trying to post a humble brag about her creativity when it comes to family breakfasts - but she just can't seem to get a break. No matter what the breakfast - or how cute its displayed on the the plate - Witherspoon's fans find something to complain about.

To the sweet celeb mum, we say good on you for making mealtime a fun, family time.

What do you think about bacon for breakfast?

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