The skin-smoothing product that has our Beauty Director "addicted" to touching her face.

Image: Nicky Champ

When the chance to be part of L’Oreal’s Revitalift 14-Day Challenge came up, I jumped at it, but remained sceptical. Would it actually reduce my wrinkles? Would I have smoother skin instantly, as promised? Would my skin soon resemble that of my newborn son’s bum? I had my doubts.

Because, as a beauty editor for more than five years, I have heard every scientific claim and tried almost every facial moisturiser there is. Some good, some bad, and only a handful of products that suit my skin type (dry and sensitive) and actually work.

But I’m happy to report that L’Oreal Revitalift Day Cream is one of them. And it has far exceeded my expectations. This is how it all went down.

Over the course of two full weeks, I applied Revitalift Day Cream liberally to my face every day. That was it. There was no complicated routine with multiple steps to follow, and I could use it over the top of my usual serum. I have never experienced such a payoff from such little effort.

"I applied Revitalift Day Cream liberally to my face every day. That was it." Image: Supplied.

I noticed an immediate difference in my skin’s texture, even after the very first application. Instantly, my skin felt much more plump and hydrated. It was the moisture hit my skin clearly, clearly needed.

After about three days, my face was so smooth I became addicted to touching it. I’d catch myself subconsciously running my fingertips over my cheeks admiring my skin’s new texture. Even my nose, which has always had lumps and bumps, became uncharacteristically smooth. One unexpected upside was that my makeup went on without the need to blend. For the first time in a decade, I could wear powder foundation without it settling in my wrinkles. Win.

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One of the biggest changes I noticed from the trial wasn’t my crow’s feet or forehead wrinkles (although I was very happy with the results there) but the skin on my neck and décolletage.

"One of the biggest changes I noticed from the trial was the skin on my neck and décolletage." Image: Supplied.

For years, I neglected this area (sacrilegious, I know) and I only applied my skincare routine to the base of my jaw.

Before I started using Revitalift, the skin on my neck was verging on grandma territory. I had deep-set lines with early signs of sun damage. Cleavage wrinkles were starting to settle in. But fast forward two weeks, and I have the firm skin of a millennial, not an octogenarian. I’ve even started using it on the backs of my hands as a preventative measure.

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This moisturiser has changed my opinion about peptides in skin care. I didn’t doubt their efficacy before, but because I was in denial about being of an age where an anti-wrinkle cream can really be beneficial to the skin, they haven’t been on my radar (or in my bathroom cabinet). Now, though, it’s not leaving my top shelf.

"This moisturiser has changed my opinion about peptides in skin care." Image: Supplied.

Now that I know these products have answered a resounding yes to the age old question, ‘Do wrinkle creams actually work?’, I’m ready to add more of the Revitalift range into my daily routine.

I’m officially sold.

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