Well, this is great news: red wine could help to fight off acne.

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Ah, wine. Is there anything you can’t do?

Not only can your favourite glass of red vino prevent heart disease, provide you with free radicals, reduce your chance of stroke and even give you Beyonce-worthy dance moves — apparently, it could help to clear up that adult acne you’ve been dealing with.

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According to angels descended from heaven heralding wonderful news scientists from the Journal of Dermatology and Therapy, there’s an antioxident found in red wine that could be beneficial for your skin.

The ingredient in question is called resveratrol. Along with heaps of other good things, it contains microbiobial properties that assist in fighting bacteria and infection; two of the leading causes of acne breakouts.

So how exactly did the scientists figure this out? (Post continues after gallery.)

Researchers involved in the study collected samples of the propionibacterium, which is the bacteria associated with acne and pimples. They then added the bacteria to a mixture of resveratrol and benzol peroxide (a commonly-used acne treatment) and recorded the results.

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They found the bacteria growth sample was inhabited as a result of the added resveratrol, and concluded the ultimate acne treatment was a combination of both resveratrol and benzol peroxide. This not only killed the active bacteria in the sample, but also prevented its spread.

For now, the best method of utilising this new information is unclear, so don't go dipping your face into a barrell of wine just yet. (If you are suffering from acne, we recommend the antioxidant-rich, leave-on Moogoo Acne Cleansing Cream).

But just to cover ourselves, we'll be having a medicinal glass or two tonight, all in the name of good skin.

What's your favourite red wine?