Red Wiggle Simon Pryce has married Lauren Hannaford and the first photo is beautiful.

Red Wiggle Simon Pryce has married long-time fiance Lauren Hannaford. The Wiggles released the first photo of the happy couple via their official Facebook page this morning, saying, “We are delighted to to share this gorgeous photo of newlyweds Simon Pryce and his stunning bride Lauren.”

“Wishing them all the Wiggly best for a lovely life together.”

The couple were engaged at the beginning of 2016 after a romantic proposal while The Wiggles were on tour in France. They met five years prior when Hannaford, a former elite gymnast turned personal trainer, joined The Wiggles as a gymnastics coach for Blue Wiggle Anthony Field’s children.

Pryce, 45, said after spotting Hannaford he eventually mustered up the courage to ask if he could join in and the rest, as they say, is romantic history.

Pryce told Woman’s Day he was worried he would cry during the ceremony but instead said it was “the most amazing day” full of love and laughter.

Friends and family watched on as Simon said, “Oh wow,” when he first spotted his bride in her gown which was designed by popular Australian designer J’Aton Couture. It featured French lace and a floor-length veil.

The couple were married by celebrant Nina De Borde and the celebration took place at Sydney’s Luna Park. Blue Wiggle Anthony Field and recently married Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins and Purple Wiggle Lachy Gillespie in attendance, as well as former Wiggles Murray and Jeff Fatt.

Emma and Lachy were married in April, 2016.

This is the first time in recent Wiggle history all four Wiggles have been married, with Anthony Field married since 2003 to Michaela Patisteas. The couple has three children.

Pryce and Hannaford told The Daily Telegraph they had to consult The Wiggles tour schedule before deciding on a date for their wedding and despite spending a lot of time apart while Pryce is on tour, have managed to make their relationship work by putting each other first.

Simon Pryce and Lauren Hannaford married. Image: The Wiggles Facebook

“Our relationship very early on has always been about what the other person wants. I just want her to have the best day," Pryce told Parker.

For now the newlyweds are being kept busy with work and don't see that changing in the future.

“I’m loving The Wiggles, and Loz’s work is keeping her busy," Pryce told The Daily Telegraph, "so we’re just keen to keep maintaining what we’ve got going on now. It’s a really exciting time and we couldn’t be happier.”

Click through photos of the happy couple ahead of their wedding day and on the day itself.