There's something hiding in this red dot. Can you see what?

Another day, another optical illusion that leaves us staring at our screens wondering, “How did we miss this?”

Playbuzz has released a simple red dot intended to test how exactly we see things upon first glance.

Are you ready? We’ll start off with just the red dot.

red dot test

Image via Playbuzz.

There it is. As I said, a simple red dot.

But, oh no. It's really not that simple.

Some people out there with super vision powers actually manage to see more than a plain red dot and see the shadow of a horse.


Yes, a horse.


Now, there's some fabulous people out there who "immediately" saw the outline of the horse. Claps to them. I was one of those people who had to look back at the dot multiple times, and then go, "OHHHHH".

You'll be glad to know there's even more. Apparently, a very select group of people who can see "hidden details".

Yes, they're even greater than the rest of us.

This is what most of us missed:

So, whilst all I could see was a red dot, there were people with super hero powers who could not only see a horse, but grass around the horses feet, man, tail, and even a saddle

It's actually quite sweet, once you see it.

Until the next optical illusion finds itself on the internet, I'll concede this one.

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