This traveller just claimed an incredible victory over the airplane armrest.

He’s the hero we’ve been waiting for: Andy Slamans, a US traveller who shall henceforth be hailed The Armwrestler.

This brave, brave soul decided to reclaim the most coveted territory on this earth (well technically above it): the aeroplane armrest.

In a now-viral video, our saviour declares war on the greedy guy sitting in the window seat beside him, who had for some reason decided he was entitled to retire not one but TWO of his limbs.

(Typical window seat passenger, amirite?)

reclaiming plane armrest video

We've all sat next to an armrest hog at one point. If you haven't, then the armrest hog is you. Please stop it. Image: Andy Slamans.

"I'm in the bathroom right now in an aeroplane, and I have a guy sitting next to me who thinks he owns the arm rest," he begins in the clip.

"I'm going to go back and I'm going to try get some video and show him that if he wants to tousle with the muscle he's gunna get it.

[Okay, we've totally changed our minds. He is now called The Muscle.]

"So I'm going to go back there right now and bump him off, and hopefully I'm going to get it on camera."

He did and it was glorious.

Almost as excellent as the shove itself was The Muscle's use of the time-honoured tactic of pretending to be asleep to avoid conflict.

The offender looks totally prepared to smack our hero down with his well-rested fists, until he notices his eyes are shut. You can practically see his conscience wrestling with the ethics of hitting someone mid-nap.

Utterly genius.

So on behalf of meek and disgruntled middle seat occupiers everywhere, we thank you Andy Slamans. Bump on.