Reborn dolls: fascinating and heart-breaking.

In 2008 Australian Police smashed through a car windscreen to save a baby who was lying inside the car on a hot day, unattended. They were shocked to discover it was a doll.  That was their introduction to the secret world of Reborn dolls and for many of you, this post and the gallery below, will be yours.

According to the author Matt Stopera who has researched this phenomenon and provided the photos and captions below which explain it in full, the main reason people buy these dolls is to replace a child they once lost. Or never had.
Heart-breaking and fascinating. Take a look.

WARNING: If you have lost a child, you may find this disturbing and want to skip this one.


Republished with full permission from the author, Matt Stopera via Buzzfeed.

Thanks Patty.

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