Calling all TV tragics: These are all the reboots and new shows returning in 2018.

I’ve got good news for anyone who loves to hide indoors all weekend and binge on TV, so… all of us.

2018 is going to be an amazing year for TV and TV lovers.

We’re got some reboots coming our way and some of our favourite TV shows are returning for much anticipated second seasons.

To help you plan out your bingeing calendar, here’s everything you’ve got to look forward to in 2018:

The Office Reboot

After the success of Will & Grace, NBC has decided to revive another one of its comedic classics… The Office.

Yep, get ready to jump on the train to Scranton, Pennsylvania to spend more time in an office so boring, it’ll probably remind you of your own, well, boring office.

There’s one catch though. Michael Scott AKA Steve Carell won’t be returning to Dunder Mifflin as he has most definitely hit the big time.

Some of the original cast will be back, though nothing has been confirmed as yet.

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Roseanne Reboot

Holy cheeseballs, this is happening.

Pretty much the whole original Roseanne cast – including Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, Sara Gilbert (Darlene), Laurie Metcalf (Jackie), Michael Fishman (D.J.) and Lecy Goranson (Becky) – will be returning for the reboot.

Even Johnny Galecki, who plays Leonard on The Big Bang Theory, will be reprising his role for one episode.

The first episode of Roseanne is set to air in the US on March 27 next year, so it’ll probably hit Australian screens some time after that.

Will and Grace Reboot Season Two

After a successful first season, your faves are coming back for round two.

You can catch a second season of an older, wiser, and even more fabulous, Will, Grace, Jack and Karen towards the second half of 2018.

The Sinner Season Two


The Sinner is coming back.


According to Jessica Biel, the show’s star and producer, a second season of The Sinner is already in the works.

“Initially, the show was genuinely conceived as a limited series so it was a surprise to us as well that, with the amazing viewership and the incredible journey that this show has taken, it was even a possibility to come back,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

“Even getting over that has been interesting. But now that it is a possibility, we are really diving deeply with our creative team, our writers’ room. We’re hoping to set it up and see if we can come up with some amazing and interesting stories.”

The second season, when it happens, will focus on a completely new cast of characters and a fresh mystery.

“If we get to come back, we’re starting fresh again,” Biel said. “We will figure it out if it’s possible, but we want to be authentic to the show.”

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13 Reasons Why

The cast and crew of 13 Reasons Why have just finished filming their second season.

That means one of the most controversial shows of 2017 should be returning in early to mid-2018.

Many of the original cast members will be returning and even Hannah will be coming back for a cameo or two.

Seven new cast members have also been added to the line up.

While the first season was based around the tapes Hannah left for people to listen to after her death, the show’s creator, Brian Yorkey, said another form of analog technology will play an important role in season two.

But he has remained tight-lipped about where he plans to take the story in season two.

One fan theory is that Tyler will commit a mass shooting at the school and season two will explore the fall out from that.

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