Why did Rebel Wilson lie about her age?

Sexism and ageism in female casting.

They’re the topics du jour in Hollywood right now.  Thanks to the infamous Sony email hack earlier in the year, the truth about the considerable pay gap between male stars and their female co-stars and how age affects women, was revealed to the world. It’s a topic that’s back in the headlines today as Aussie comedian Rebel Wilson reveals – “Why I lied about my age.”

Many months ago now, when the age rumours were still just that – rumours – we were as interested at the next person as to why this vivacious and apparently self-content actress would lie about her age. It seemed to go against everything we thought Rebel stood for: an  open, happy, proud, and confident young woman. And while we’re saddened Rebel has also fallen victim to the Hollywood madness, we’re also not surprised. It’s a consuming industry.

Gorgeous girl Rebel Wilson. 29 or 35, we still love ya.

Speaking with WHO Magazine, Rebel came clean about the embarrassing reveal earlier this year, when a past schoolmate tipped of the media that the 29-year-old actress was actually… 35.

“Being an actress it affects women more than men in terms of ageism and sexism,” said Rebel to WHO.

“So to be called out by the press on something most sensible business-minded people would have done in my position, it was a bit hurtful.’

Following the accusations, ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) confirmed Rebel’s birth year as 1980, and the cat was out of the bag. In her trademark good humor, however, Rebel responded in the best way possible, tweeting – “OMG I’m actually a 100 year old mermaid formerly known as ‘CC Chalice.” *Golf clap*

Rebel points out – acting is a business, and you’ve got to fake it til you make it. “When you’re an actor, you have what’s called a playing range; to me, it’s not really beneficial having your age written anyway.”

Rebel is famous for many more things than her age – with her call card being the deadpan Aussie humour that has seen her star in massive hits like Bachelorette and Pitch Perfect. It will be an exciting day when our talented actresses will no longer feel the need to lie about their age.

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