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1. Rebel Wilson is keen to be the next Bachelorette… if the price is right.

Reality TV has been pretty bleak lately, with many of our favourite shows postponed due to COVID-19. But now we have some good news for Bachie fans.

Aussie actor and all-round hilarious human being Rebel Wilson said she’s up for being out next Bachelorette. Well, if there’s a decent paycheque attached.

And by decent, we mean… $20 million.

In an interview with news.com.au, Wilson said she’s been trying to focus more on relationships lately rather than just on her career.

“I’ve turned into such a romantic,” she said. “I’m not ashamed to admit that I watch and love shows like The Bachelor and Bachelorette.”


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When asked if she would be willing to appear on the show herself, she said she would be interested.

“My price is $20 million so I don’t think (Channel 10) can afford it … I’m not going to expose myself publicly in that way for a low price. But I think it’d be interesting to represent a more real-looking woman as the Bachelorette. I think that’d be a really positive message and I think people would find it more interesting.”

And we for one, love that idea.

2. Big Brother has revealed a new sleeping rule that contestants must follow.

After weeks of anticipation, Big Brother is set to return our screens tomorrow night. And we couldn’t be more excited.

Over the weekend, ahead of the show’s premiere, Big Brother has revealed a bizarre new sleeping rule that contestants must follow in the house.

The new rule was announced on the show’s Instagram page on Saturday.

“Big Brother decides when the housemates can snooze and that means no daytime power naps,” the caption read.

The teaser video also explained that “sleeping during the day is prohibited”.


Earlier last week, the show also announced that the lights in the house will remain on until Big Brother decides it’s time to sleep.

“No light switches here! Big Brother controls when the lights go on and off, as well as when the housemates sleep. Let’s hope no one snores,” the Instagram caption read.


With contestants expected to take part in new challenges every episode, we can imagine these new sleeping rules aren’t going to go down too well in the house.

Big Brother airs on Channel Seven at 7:30pm on Monday. 

3. ‘Emergency room in action’: Kate Langbroek’s son Artie, 12, has been rushed to hospital in Italy.

Kate Langbroek’s 12-year-old son Artie was rushed to hospital in Italy on Saturday.

The radio host explained on Instagram that her son required urgent medical treatment after suffering from an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

“Italian emergency room in action. Artie got stung on the foot by a bee. Allergic reaction… magnificent care,” she wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of Artie in a wheelchair.


She later clarified that Artie was feeling better after leaving the hospital.

The sting occurred after Kate and her family recently ended their 10-week quarantine period in Italy. The 54-year-old and her husband Peter Lewis relocated to Bologna, Italy with their four children in January last year for what was meant to be a ‘family gap year’, but late last year decided to extend their stay for another 12 months.

4. ‘Things have catapulted out of control’: Married At First Sight’s Hayley Vernon has spoken about her mental health battle.

Married At First Sight star Hayley Vernon has opened up about her battle with mental health.

The 32-year-old shared that she needs to take some time to herself because her ” head isn’t right at the moment” in a series of posts on her Instagram stories on Saturday night.

“This is raw, this is me and I’m tired. I’ve had a lot going on for the past week or so,” Hayley began the video.


“For all those people that have asked where have I been, I had to take a little break – and I still need to – because my head’s not right at the moment. I’ve got a lot of s**t going on. And sometimes in life you need to put your hands up in the air and say that enough is enough. Instagram was one of them.”

“People ask how do I stay so motivated? And the truth is, sometimes I f**king don’t.  It’s been one thing has led to another and catapulted out of control in the past week and a half, and I’ve f**king just put my head in the sand.”

Image: Instagram @hayleyvernon_ Verified

Hayley went on to explain that she is not going to give up and will continue taking it one day at a time.

"I want to get back to training and stuff that makes me feel good... All I know is that today is a better day than yesterday. For anyone else out there that's struggling, all I'm going to be doing is trying to be a little bit better than yesterday," she said.

"Life is f**king tough at times - but you know what? We don't give up."

If you think you may be experiencing depression or another mental health problem, please contact your general practitioner. If you're based in Australia, please contact Lifeline 13 11 14 for support or beyondblue 1300 22 4636.

5. A vegan smokehouse and a YouTube series: Everything we know about MasterChef’s Simon Toohey.

MasterChef: Back to Win has graced our screens for seven glorious weeks now, serving up some fierce competition and mouthwatering dishes that we have absolutely no chance at recreating at home.

With only 11 contestants left this season, households all over the country are nervously cheering on their favourite contestants, including loveable 33-year-old chef Simon Toohey.

We first met Simon last year, when he placed third in the competition.

For Simon, getting as far as the top five was “a ridiculous concept”.

“It’s awesome, I’m not going to say no to it… but, who am I right now?!” he told 10 Daily last year.

MasterChef Simon Toohey.
Image: Instagram.

Throughout his time on the show, Simon as proved himself a whizz in the kitchen but cooking wasn’t actually his first choice of a career.

“I wanted to be a psychologist, but my marks for my final year of school exams didn’t reach what I needed to be one,” Simon told flora & fauna earlier this year.

“So I went into the first job that came to me, working in a tiny pizza restaurant, down the road from my house.  It was so busy and I learnt to work hard and fast. I loved the speed and the food and I got paid doing something I loved. I was hooked.”

Simon’s love of food and hospitality eventually took him all over the world.


After living in Byron Bay for a few years, the 33-year-old chef bought a one-way ticket to the United Kingdom, where he lived for five years.

There, Simon worked as a cocktail bar manager and eventually earned his bar the title of the best cocktail menu and best high volume cocktail bar at the Tales of the Cocktail awards in New Orleans.

For more on MasterChef’s Simon Toohey read our earlier article here.
Feature Image: Getty.

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