Rebel Wilson's age has been finally, definitely confirmed.

UPDATE: Mystery solved.

The ongoing Rebel Wilson age mystery has been solved. The Aussie comedian is officially 35 years old.

After much speculation over the Pitch Perfect star’s age, ASIC records have cleared up the confusion.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that records filed with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission list the date of birth for a ‘Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson’ as 2 March, 1980.

The documents lists Rebel as the director of a number of production companies, including ‘Bogan Pride Productions’.

Now that we know Rebel’s true age, we will all sleep easy tonight.

Mamamia previously wrote:

Nice one, Rebel.

It’s been Hollywood’s worst-kept secret – and now Rebel Wilson is talking about it. But after we (and other media sites) ran a piece yesterday that confirmed the Pitch Perfect actress is actually a 36-year-old woman who was born Melanie Bowndes, Rebel decided to address the “claims”.

And, in true Rebel style, she made a big joke of it.

Wilson tweeted her thanks to the Australian media for discussing her real age. She’s actually 100, and her real name is Fat Patricia.

Nice one, Melanie.

Talks of her real name and real age have been around for months, but when Wilson said the reason she wasn’t selected for the upcoming all-female Ghostbusters was because they wanted an older cast, which included 35-year-old Rose Byrne, people who knew Wilson as Melanie Bowndes have spoken about her lies.


Family members and high school friends talked to Mamamia’s Alex Greig about Wilson’s real age and name, all of which confirmed that she’s 36-year-old Melanie.

rebel wilson real age
Rebel Wilson/Melanie Bownds/Fat Patricia. Image via Getty.

We get it. As Mamamia wrote yesterday, Hollywood can be a bitch.

Rebel’s reps refused to comment on Rebel’s age when we contacted them.

To see more from Rebel/Melanie/Fat Patricia, click through the gallery below.

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