Fifi Box has some advice for Rebel Wilson.

In case you’ve been living under an internet free rock for a year, you’d probably remember that in May last year news broke that famed comedian and actress Rebel Wilson was older than she had previously stated.

While celebrating her 29th birthday, it was confirmed the star was born in 1980, so was actually 36.

And while a public correction to your age may not seem like a big deal, the public outing is a big deal to Wilson who is suing magazine publisher Bauer Media for defamation.

The Pitch Perfect star is alleging that articles that appeared in Woman’s Day, the Australian Women’s Weekly, NW and OK! Magazine accused her of lying about her age and insinuated that she had done so to get ahead in Hollywood. As such, the star claims her reputation as a comedian and actor has suffered and that she’s been humiliated and embarrassed by the revelation.

Wilson on the red carpet. Source: Getty Images.

But if there's one person on Wilson's side on this issue, it's TV and radio personality, Fifi Box whose "life story" has been played out in women's magazines.

Discussing the case on Tuesday night's episode of The Project, panelist Peter Helliar commented that "if it wasn't for the gossip mags I wouldn't know that Brad and Ange have secretly divorced 45 times," befor adding jokingly, "Fifi you have a great relationship with the gossip magazines."

"I do!" Box responded. "I'll be so interested to see how this pans out for Rebel," she continued.

Box, who gave birth to her daughter Trixie just over three years ago has been no stranger to gossip and unfounded speculative stories about her private life. After announcing her pregnancy the rumour mill went into overdrive about who the father was, her relationship with him, and any plans she may have had for expanding her family.

Box said she's interested to see how Wilson's legal actions turn out. Source: Channel 10.

Box refused to comment, and only recently confirmed everyone's suspicions that yes, former iron man Grant Kenny was Trixie's dad, and yes, the three all get on well together, with Grant playing an active role in his daughter's life.

Box suggested there are worse things magazines can say about you than that you  did not reveal your real age.

"I was thinking they'd made up that she lied about her age and that, but there's worse things to get said about you. Like 43 pregnancies," Box said, referring back to Helliar's comments.

"Like I wanna see how she goes," Box said before humorously adding, "and then who knows."

Watch the discussion below...

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