Rebekah Marine has one arm. And she's a gorgeous, successful model.

Rebekah Marine. (Photo: Instagram)







Rebekah Marine is a gorgeous, 27-year-0ld woman who works as a model.

Nothing unusual about that, you might think — except the New Jersey woman was born without a forearm, and was bullied so relentlessly throughout high school that she withdrew from sports and social activities, the New York Post reports.

After Rebekah was fitted with a prosthetic arm at age 22, a friend persuaded her to try modelling. While she exclusively posed with her prosthesis at first, a photographer later suggested taking some images without it  — and now, she’s regularly booked for jobs through the website Model Mayhem.

She was recently named an ambassador for the Lucky Fin Project — and now says her mission is “to show that models of all shapes and sizes are becoming mainstream”.

“It’s great because I get to talk to girls in high school who, just like me, have lost their confidence… We discuss everything from how I braid my hair to what it’s like on the dating scene,” Rebekah says.

“I hope my story inspires other people not to let any disability get in their way.”

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