Rebecca Ode’s face was shattered in a Bali accident. Her family is desperate to get her home.

Last week, Rebecca Ode was enjoying an extended holiday in Bali, rediscovering herself and immersing herself in a new community, after a difficult couple of years. 

This week, the 36-year-old's family is on a desperate mission to bring her home, after Rebecca was horrifically injured on her overseas trip.

The Newcastle based woman was found on Nusa Lembongan and was treated for a brain hemorrhage, plus shattered cheekbones, eye socket and collarbone. Her head injuries were so severe, she was barely recognisable, and required 14 hours of surgery at Denpasar's Ngoerah General Hospital.

Now police have revealed what actually happened.

A treating doctor from the hospital has confirmed Rebecca's injuries were consistent with a road accident, according to ABC News

Dr Bagus Mahadewa said Rebecca had regained conciousness but had no recollection of the accident.

They believe she crashed a scooter into a parked motorcycle. The report says it was a clear night with a dark sky and little traffic around.

Rebecca's sister, Jordyn, is urging the public to support their family by donating to a GoFundMe page to help bring her home.

Rebecca's family issue plea for help.

Following the accident, Rebecca's family rushed to be by her side and hope to bring her back to Australia as soon as possible. 

"Becci has had a terrible accident in Bali and Jordyn (Bec's sister) and I were called here yesterday morning, arriving about 9.30pm last night," Bec’s mother, Shari Ode shared via social media.

"Bec went into surgery at 9pm Bali time. She has some terrible injuries and we are trying to get her home as soon as she is stable."

Her sister's partner, Jesse Wilton, told Mamamia it was initially unclear how Rebecca sustained such horrific injuries.

"She has had reconstructive surgery to repair her facial structure and both sides of her head," Jesse said. 


While Rebecca’s family are desperate to get her home, the cost of doing so is skyrocketing.

Jesse said medical bills reached more than $60,000, and once there is clearance to get her onto a plane, the family expects to be facing costs of close to $250,000. 

"This has been an incredibly challenging time," she posted to Facebook. "We are in a third-world country with doctors who speak limited English, hoping our interpretations are correct."

Jordyn confirmed her sister had lost vision in one eye. 

"It’s a terrifying thought," she said. "The impact completely pushed her eye out of her head, and the damage was so severe they weren’t sure they could save the eye at all."

Find her GoFundMe here

Extensive injuries. 

According to Jordyn, the ophthalmologist team tried to save her sister's eye, which was currently stitched together to "keep the eyeball in the socket".

"The plastic surgery team followed, inserting screws to restructure her face, as the entire right side was shattered and damage to the left."

Her nose was also split in half, and the cartilage was shattered. 

"Finally, the orthopedic surgeons repaired her collarbone and shoulder, which were also hit. She not has a metal plate to keep her clavicle together. They had to rebuild her face, and I am desperate to get her home and cared for in Australia."

In Bali for a new life. 

Rebecca was in Bali seeking peace after two painful years following their father's passing, her family said. 

"I am devastated to know she will ... face the reality that her world has been turned upside down yet again," said Jordyn.

To support Rebecca and her family visit the GoFundMe page here

Feature Image: GoFundMe.