The one disagreement Rebecca Maddern and her husband had over their unborn baby.

It’s the decision every couples faces when having a baby – to find out the sex beforehand or let it be a surprise?

In an interview with 9Honey ahead of the return of the AFL Footy Show tonight, host Rebecca Maddern said her and her husband, cameraman Trent Miller, initially disagreed about what to do.

The 40 year old said she had to ‘talk her husband’ out of finding out the sex ahead of the birth of their first child, who is due in eight weeks.

“I’ve always maintained that I didn’t want to find out. I just felt like it was one of the greatest surprises in life – a true legitimate surprise – there was no cheating,” she said.

“But Trent’s made up his mind it’s a girl.”

She said he was “really excited,” and touched her belly every day to have chat to their unborn baby.

The pair started dating in 2010 before marrying in 2014.


“Trent and I have for many years been focused on our careers. We have had lots of travel and we have worked really hard and the universe has somewhat decided this is the right time and we feel really blessed,” she told the Herald Sun last year, after announcing her pregnancy.

Can’t wait for our new arrival in 2018! ????????

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“We are really, really over the moon, it was a lovely surprise and we are absolutely delighted and thrilled.”

Maddern has spoken about how severe her morning sickness was in the early weeks of her pregnancy.

“I suffered quite badly with morning sickness, or as as I like to call it 24/7 sickness, early on,” she old TheFIX last year.

“That’s tough because you can’t tell workmates why you’re not 100 percent — but that has pretty much passed now, so it’s nice to start to enjoy the feeling of being pregnant.”