Rebecca Judd shares one of her top pregnancy cravings.

Now over halfway through her latest pregnancy with twin boys, not even ultra-glamazon Rebecca Judd is above the pregnancy craving.

Confirming that she is actually of this mortal earth, Judd posted a photo of a plate of delectable looking cookies to her Instagram, writing, “B.A.K.E—>E.A.T—>R.E.P.E.A.T. I’m pretty sure this is the reason both of my twins are measuring a week bigger in size compared to an average single pregnancy at the same gestational age. I popped this recipe on my site a while back under ‘ultimate choc chip cookie’ if you’re after it. Enjoy.”

Rebecca Judd's Sante biscuits. Source: Instagram.

Posted back in August 2013 when Judd was pregnant with her daughter Billie, the television presenter and model explained at the time, "I’ve been making these choc chip cookies which are known as ‘Sante Biscuits’ ever since I was a little girl. The recipe is from the famed Edmond’s Cookbook which is an institution in New Zealand and entire generations of Twigleys and Browns have grown up on delicious recipes from this gourmet masterpiece."

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Consisting of all the best bits of the pantry - brown sugar, condensed milk, coconut, chocolate chips - we have to go out on a bake tray limb here and say we wholeheartedly agree with Bec's assessment. And that's without having even tried them.

Babies number three and four are growing in style. Source: Instagram.

"The reason I’m writing this post," Judd continued, "is because I have been craving these biscuits whilst pregnant and have been whipping them up like a mad woman. As my husband is on a perpetual diet (annoying) I have to make half a batch of the recipe otherwise I’ll eat the entire tray to myself."

Now that she's eating for three though, we think a whole batch is definitely in order!

See the recipe and method on Rebecca Judd Loves.

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